Massage Therapy focuses on the body's soft tissues such as muscles and fascia. When muscles get tight, it disrupts the fascial integrity which leads to tension, "knots", and spasms. Some might think of massage as a relaxation tool, but it has a lot of other health benefits, such as reducing chronic pain and inflammation. There are many different types of massage that can be tailored to fit someone’s specific needs. 


      Chiropractic and massage therapy work great together because they target the joint, body alignment, and muscle components to an issue. Getting regular massages along with your chiropractic care plan can help you achieve your goals quicker!


      Taniera Carlock, LMT with TLC Massage is our in-house massage therapist. Taniera decided to embark on a path in massage therapy at Concorde Career College in Memphis, TN, where she practiced for years, before moving to CO in 2015. She has completed 800+ hours of training in massage and intends on continuing her training in the years to come. Taniera's goal as an integrative massage therapist is to hold positive space for her clients while working towards a common goal of facilitating change in the body for healing and well being.  Taniera's mission is to guide her clients through the process of creating a vision for healthy habits.  She does this with advice and encouragement every step of the way until their goals have been accomplished. She believes this is a collaborative process that works best when  the client is also taking their health into their own hands. 


Taniera's Specialties and Certifications:

                Swedish/ Deep Tissue     Myofascial release                                    Craniosacral therapy          Reflexology

                Integrative                         Neuro-muscular trigger point                TMJ massage                        Headache relief

                Hot stones                         Cupping                                                      Prenatal                                Thai massage



Contact info: 

For an appointment call this number: 720-603-6811 or click here





Hours: By appointment only. 

Tuesday- Thursday : 9-1, 3-6

Friday: 9-1

Saturday: 10-2



Paperwork for your first massage appointment
You have the option printing and filling out this form prior to your appointment. If you do not have access to a printer, you may fill it out upon your arrival.
Massage intake form.pdf
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