Chiropractic care is designed to reconnect your body with it’s natural ability to heal. Therefore, chiropractors are wellness experts! While we do help general aches and pain, there is an underlying bigger picture to your health. We encourage all of our patients to transition to wellness care after their active treatment plan to ensure that their body is staying connected with their innate ability to heal. A four-year study, “Clinical and Cost Outcomes of an Integrative Medicine IPA,” published in the Journal of Manipulative and Physiological Therapeutics demonstrates that individuals who use chiropractic and other integrative medicine experienced significantly greater health than non-users. A review of claims and patient surveys showed that when compared with normative conventional medicine independent practice association, those who use chiropractic or other integrative medicine:

  • Saw a decrease of 43.0% in hospital admissions
  • Experienced 58.4% fewer hospital days
  • Had 43.2% fewer outpatient surgeries and procedures
  • Reduced pharmaceutical costs by 51.8%

We often hear the question, “once I start chiropractic care do I have to stay with it?”. The answer is no, you don’t, but most people choose to stay under care after experiencing how maintenance adjustments can benefit them in overall health.