Many parents wonder if, or even how, chiropractic care can help their kids. You are not alone if you have questions and we encourage you to ask and learn more about chiropractic care for kids. Starting care early establishes a foundation for balanced neurological development. Since there is quite a bit of strain after delivery it is important to get your baby checked for any muscle or neurological imbalances. Some of these issues can lead to torticollis, change in head shape, latching/nursing equally on both sides, discomfort, ability to start crawling, and even the infamous colic. You see, it is not so much as corrective care for children, but preventive care. Since they do not have all the stress, aches and pains as an adult has, they usually respond much quicker than adults. Even though they don’t have the same stresses as adults, they do go through many changes that require a clear nervous system to adapt, and chiropractic care can help.